You CAN Win: Sales for Small Businesses


Marketing Sherpa published the chart below on sales conversion.  What’s stunning is that 50% of companies have NO processes or system in place.  That’s an opportunity for smaller organizations.

While a customized Salesforce application and IT staff may be out of your reach, you can still effectively manage your sales pipeline and compete against the bigger boys with the right product like WeMeUS Relationship Management and Lead Generation. Compare our features against the chart.

  • CRM system / closed loop tracking. GOT IT.  WeMeUs is a personal CRM with full Lead Management for Consultants and Small Businesses. Follow and track leads from contact acquisition to email marketing to lead inquiry to the sales process from qualification to engagement.
  • Define sales-ready and Qualified/Warm leads and quality. CHECK.  WeMeUs provides automatic lead scoring. Fields includes Sales Status, Interest Level, and Priority so you can qualify, rate, sort, and display leads.
  • Measure lead generation. YUP.  WeMeUs lead capture, tagging, and search make it easy acquire, track and measure your lead gen efforts.
  • Nurture leads / Hand leads to marketing. ABSOLUTELY. If leads don’t yet merit sales attention, WeMeUs Relationship Management and Email Assistant are a powerful combination to personally stay in touch with key contacts for nurturing, referrals, and repeat business.
How Organizations Manage Their Marketing-to-Sales Process

2 Responses to “You CAN Win: Sales for Small Businesses”

  1. You CAN Win: Lead generation and sales for Small Businesses « My LinkDaddy Says:

    […] WeMeUs is a personal CRM with full Lead Management for lead nurturing and tracking. Read more on WeMeUs for […]

  2. Intelestream Says:

    Great points about sales are made in this article. Sales force automation software when used effeciently can increase revenue, furthermore, sales and marketing alignment is a must to fully optimize sales potential. At Intelestream we’ve developed “intelecrm”, which bridges the traditional gap between sales and marketing by tying all data together under one environment. Users can pinpoint demographics, find leads, communicate with contacts, and segment target groups.To become and/or remain a dominant player in your market give our software a free 30 day trial be visiting Intelestream’w website.

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